How many coffee cups did you send to landfill last year?

We can help you to make that number a big fat ZERO!

These BioPak coffee cups are certified home compostable and can be added directly to your resort compost. This includes sugar cane pulp home compostable lids. Plastic lids are available if you really want them. 5% of the value of the cups will also be donated to for school specific projects. We can provide you with a report outlining in FJ$ the amount your purchases have generated.

The funds will be going 100% to local projects and will not be used for operational costs. Cups will have a QR code linking your guest directly to a landing page on the website which provides details about the projects and how the money raised is being spent.

Available in 8oz and 12oz, these bright, modern Fijian designs, are sure to be a guest favourite and will help make both a positive social and environmental impact in Fiji.