Sachets - Dry Pieces

Examples of dry pieces can be anything from snack foods like chips or lolly’s, but can also include small sized pieces like cereals or even tablets & capsules.

Our current packaging machinery allows to package most free flowing pieces in 5gm-500gm sachets depending on bulk density. Most sachets will be pillow pack form; however in some products we do have the ability to offer a 3-side or 4-side seal sachet.

In addition to packing the sachets we can also print the packaging film in-house allowing for smaller run sizes and faster turn-around.  Our dry blending facility also allows us to help with blending of your product and ingredient sourcing from our vast array of contacts if required.

Once packed, sachets can be supplied in bulk form, or can then be put directly into retail packs and outers ready for sale.  We can carton glue or pack into sealed outer pouches.  All sachets and outer packaging can be batch coded.

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This product is proudly made in New Zealand While the contents might be imported, we’ve chosen the finest ingredients from around the world and packaged these in New Zealand.