PCU and Blister Packaging

Examples of PCU tubs include sauces, spreads and other similar products suitable for the foodservice and retail market.

We have a number of machines specifically designed for package into preformed tubs.  Some of our machinery is fully automatic producing the tubs, filling and sealing.  Other machinery allows us to fill a custom molded tub and apply a peelable lid.  We primarily pump liquids into this type of packaging, but also have the capability of dosing powders or pieces if required.

In addition to packing the sachets we can also print the foil lidding in-house allowing for smaller run sizes and faster turn-around.  Due to the nature of our facility we can also offer a complete final product solution by supplying ingredients to a specified formulation and can package into any foodservice or retail format.

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This product is proudly made in New Zealand While the contents might be imported, we’ve chosen the finest ingredients from around the world and packaged these in New Zealand.