Environmental Resources


When you make 100,000 products a day, you make them as green as you can

We manufacture all of our own hair and skin care products from local and imported ingredients. We do this in our own production facility in Nadi, Fiji Islands. We manufacture our own bottles and caps as well as the hair and body formulations that make up the contents.

All the active ingredients for our hair & skin care are locally sourced, for example Savusavu Organic Coconut oil & Lomawai Sea Salt.

Some important points to note about ALL of our hair & skin care products are as follows;

  • We use the same base formulation in our guest amenities as we do in our Salon Exclusive Kennedy-Smith range.
  • Our hair care products are all made using biodegradable formulations.
  • All of our hair care products are made from a 100% vegetable base.
  • All of our hair care products are Paraben free.
  • All of our hair & skin care products are made from sustainably sourced, GE Free ingredients.
  • All of our cardboard boxes are made from 100% recycled, oxygen bleached carton board.
  • All of our caps and bottles are fully recyclable.
  • Needless to say we test our formulations on humans, not animals.
  • To our knowledge we are the only amenity manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere that offers a closed loop recycling program, where we can collect your empty bottles and recycle them by washing and grinding them down and then making them into new bottles. All in our Fiji factory.

We recycle all plastic scrap internally, naturally all cardboard and paper is recycled. All surplus chemicals and inks are destroyed through environmentally sound practices. Everything that can be reused is, right down to the plastic bags we store our print in. There are bins at both ends of the factory for our employees to place items such as print roll cores, bag ties, cleaning cloths etc for us to then have sorted out and reused.

We do everything that is financially and logistically possible to minimise the environmental impact that our business and our products make. We are operating in a global market where the main competition comes from cheap, imported products, primarily produced in developing countries with little or no regard for the environment. In this market we do everything we can to offer products that are better, safer and more environmentally sound. For example, all the boxed products (shower caps, sanitary bags etc) that we supply, they are printed on 100% recycled, oxygen bleached carton board and printed using water based inks. Naturally the fact that the vast majority of our product isn’t shipped halfway around the world, but rather made in Fiji  goes a long way to ensuring that our products have the lowest possible environmental impact possible.